Who Would You Watch the Super Bowl With?

If you could choose any person to watch the Super Bowl with, who would it be?  An athlete? A coach? A movie star? A president? Someone living or someone who has passed?

Don’s parents watched this year’s Super Bowl with Jerry Glanville, former NFL coach.  Glanville coached the Houston Oilers and the Atlanta Falcons in the 1980’s and 90’s.  He was Warren Moon’s coach when Moon played for the Oilers, and led the team to the playoffs on three occasions.  Glanville provided live game commentary and predicted which plays the teams would run.  He uncannily knew exactly what the next play would be, and made the Super Bowl party exceptionally fun.

Coach Jerry Glanville

Margie and Jerry’s experience brought up the discussion – who would we want to watch the Super Bowl with?  Current and past players topped our list.  No movie stars or presidents for us!

Don’s top two choices would be Joe Thomas, offensive tackle for the Browns, and Bill Belichick, the coach with the most Super Bowl wins.  Most of the players say Belichick has a dry sense of humor.  His humor, along with his take on the game, would make Belichick a great pick.  However, since he seems to be coaching at most of the Super Bowls lately, we would definitely “settle” for Joe Thomas.  We met Joe last summer and were most impressed with his pleasant down-to-earth personality.  Thomas has a great outlook, and was very entertaining on a recent segment of Mike & Mike.

I am going big with my choice – I would like to watch the Super Bowl with the Manning Family.  Yep, all of them.  How fun would it be to hang out with Cooper, Peyton, Eli, and their parents?  I’m sure there would be several different opinions of the game, and quite a competitive spirit.

When it comes down to it, we are very happy with our Super Bowl tradition.  We usually have a handful of family and maybe a friend or two…great company for the NFL’s Championship Game!

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