Where is Your Favorite Place to Watch a Game?

Our favorite place to watch a game depends on … which sport we are watching! Do you enjoy watching from home, at a sports bar, or at the stadium? Are you like us, and have different preferences based on the sport or if it is regular season or a playoff game?

Don would hands down always prefer to watch football at home, in our sports room. We have two televisions – one big and one a little smaller – and have the game on the big TV and Redzone on the smaller TV. The Browns always start out on the big screen, but most of the time are switched to the small TV during the 2nd half. Maybe this year they will have a better year and stay on the big TV for the whole game! Another reason for watching football at home, is to keep up with all the players and teams for Fantasy Football. We are both on our iPhones and the laptop, watching for injury reports and who is scoring for our teams.

Baseball is definitely more fun to watch at the ballpark. It is an atmosphere game and we love to take it all in. The fans, the hotdogs, the beer guy yelling across the crowd. Either too hot or too cold, sun in our eyes, talking to fellow fans, and feeling the excitement. Baseball games can seem a little long when watching at home, but at the ballpark they can’t last long enough.

Game 2 Indians vs Blue Jays

Basketball is another sport that is more fun to watch at the arena, but it moves quickly enough to stay interesting while watching at home. The live action at the arena is full of excitement and possibilities, such as when Don and Nathan got to go out on the court at their last Cavs game, and sat right behind Khloe Kardashian. It reminds me of a 3-ring circus, with something going on at all times. Not one single boring moment at a NBA game!

Even more important than where we watch games, is who we watch them with. Some of our favorite memories are watching games with family and friends. My birthday Indians games with a bunch of us sitting in the bleachers; World Series at home with my parents; football Sundays with family, friends and pepperoni rolls.

Where is your favorite place to watch your team?

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