What If?

The NFL draft is coming up this Thursday, and talk of the draft is making us wonder…what if? What if we could go back to the 2004 draft? What if instead of taking Kellen Winslow at the number 6 pick, the Browns took Ben Roethlisberger? Just think how this could have changed the whole AFC North.  The Steelers would not have Big Ben, who has been a dynamic force in their club. Where would the Steelers be without him?  Where would the Browns be with him?  This one pick alone could have changed the destiny of both of these franchises.  Not to mention that Ben expected to be picked up by the Browns, since being from Ohio, that would have made total sense!

What if in 2005, the Browns drafted DeMarcus Ware or Aaron Rodgers with the third pick, instead of Braylon Edwards? DaMarcus Ware is a 9-time ProBowler, and Aaron Rodgers – well we all know who Aaron Rodgers is and how well he has done!  He is a 6-time ProBowler, Super Bowl MVP, and an all around unbelievable Quarterback and teammate; who could have been a Cleveland Brown.

In 2007, the Browns made one of their all-time best picks with Joe Thomas. What if Thomas had been drafted by the Patriots, Steelers or Giants? He would have at least one Super Bowl championship by now, instead of a long run of losing seasons. We love Joe Thomas and hope he wins a championship in Cleveland!

The list goes on and on, but here are a few other players the Browns have passed on:

  • 2010 – Gronk (Rob Gronkowski), Eric Decker and Jimmy Graham
  • 2012 – Browns took Trent Richardson over Luke Kuechly
  • 2014 – Took Justin Gibert with the eight pick, and could have had Odell Beckham, Jr.  The 22nd pick was one of the worst ever with Johnny Manziel over Derrick Carr

Only time can tell what this year’s draft will bring to the Browns.  The Browns have four picks in the top 52 which should make a huge difference for their future.

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