Week Ten Results

Week Ten is finished and now the pressure is on!  We are looking at every possible combination of wins and losses to determine the possibility of having a winning season.

We only have two more weeks before the playoffs begin in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League.  This season is flying by and there is no longer the cushion of having several weeks left to play.  Each play makes a big difference at this point in the season.

Don’s Hulking Out is in second place behind Prime Time – one of the toughest teams in the whole league.  Prime Time plays one of the Non-Existent Opponent teams this week, ensuring that he will win first place in the Moon division.  If the stars fall in all the right places, Hulking Out can tie Prime Time for the final record, but there doesn’t seem to be a chance to catch him in total points.  That guy has dominated this whole season and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

Save The Bees is in second place behind Franchise 13 (still bugs me he is in first place and didn’t even name his team!) with a tied record of 9-1.  Franchise 13 is ahead in points but there is hope for catching up and even claiming first place.  This week Save The Bees goes up against Booger Holler Mudpuppies.  That game promises to be a battle til the end.  Booger Holler has only lost two games this season and he is going to be giving it his all to try and take over the lead.  We are cheering for the Amish Electricians as they face Franchise 13.  Go Electricians!  Beat the Franchise!

Don lost his hometown trophy league game but is still tied for first place.  He has said at least a thousand times that if he drafted Ezekiel Elliott he would be undefeated and untouchable.  If he had Zeke on his team, the huge trophy more than likely would be making a comeback to our living room!  This is an example of how important the draft is, and in my opinion, how important it is to follow your gut instincts.  Unfortunately, Don went with Adrian Peterson’s past performance instead of looking at what Elliott would be capable of and has regretted it for the last few weeks.

All nine remaining players in the Survivor Pool stayed alive for Week Eleven.  The games are getting harder to pick because so many of the power teams have been used.  The picks for Week Ten were very predicable with all players choosing either Baltimore or Arizona.  The Ravens game was a complete blowout, but Arizona had us sweating it out!  The Cardinals won by a field goal in the final seconds of the game.  Hopefully, Week Eleven will not be quite so dramatic!



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