Week Seven Results

This was an important week for our fantasy teams, and I was more than a little worried about SaveTheBees.  Both of our Fantasy Football Experience teams were plagued with injuries, and the waiver wire players didn’t seem to be very promising.  

On top of that, SaveTheBees had to play the number one ranked team in the Doleman division – undefeated Franchise 13!  We did not want Franchise 13 to have a 7-0 record, so we did quite a bit of research and asked for the experts opinions.  Our due diligence paid off with a win over Franchise 13.  SaveTheBees is now tied for first with the former undefeated team, but Franchise 13 is high point man in the Doleman division.

Don’s Trophy League was not a division game, but he still needed a win.  His big pick up for the week was Ty Montgomery of the Green Bay Packers.  Montgomery didn’t score a touchdown but he did have a total of 126 yards.  By Sunday evening, Don’s team had pulled ahead and his opponent was out of players.

Hulking Out lost to the Flaming Hurricanes (great job naming your team!) and dropped his record to 4-3 in the Fantasy Football Experience league.  Prime Time still commands the number one position in Division Moon with a 6-1 record and he continues to be the high point man with 1048 total points.

This week’s choice for the Survivor Pool was especially difficult.  The obvious choice to me was Cincinnati over Cleveland but that goes against my rule of not picking against the Browns.  After quite a bit of thought, I decided that the number one rule is to pick a winning team, so I did settle on the Bengals.  Don is a die-hard fan and thought this was the week the Browns would win, and even some of the experts were predicting a Cleveland win.  Luckily for me, Cincinnati won and I survived yet another week.

In addition to all of the NFL excitement, we have been deliriously happy with the Indians being in the World Series.  Cleveland has turned into a winning city, with the exception of the Browns, and maybe they will even catch some luck before the season is over!




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