Week Nine is Here!

It’s hard to believe we are in Week Nine, the World Series is over, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  We have had so much going on this fall, that it is absolutely flying by.  My parents spent the last week and a half with us, watching the World Series and having lots of quality family time.  We loved having them here and wish they could have stayed longer!

Last night, the Falcons predictably beat the Buccaneers.  Julio Jones, Wide Receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, had a remarkable game with eight catches for 111 yards and a touchdown.  He leads the league in receiving yards, making me very happy that I listened to the experts’ advice at the Fantasy Football Experience. David Dodds (http://FootballGuys.com) ranked Jones number three this week and was spot-on, as usual.  Jones gave Save The Bees a great start with 25 points.  This week Save The Bees needs to rack up some points in addition to beating Franchise 16.

The Atlanta/Tampa Bay matchup would have been a perfect pick for the Survivor Pool, but one of my rules is not to take the Thursday Night game.  The Falcons were favored by every expert, making it tempting to break the rules again!  However, I will stick with a Sunday game, a rule that has kept me alive so far.

Don’s Hulking Out is playing the Reservoir Dames this week and needs a win to stay in the running for a chance at the playoffs.  Don’s Quarterback, Carson Palmer, is on a Bye this week so he picked up Josh McCown to cover in Week Nine.  He had to make a quick transaction this evening and pick up Ryan Tannehill and drop McCown because it was announced this afternoon that Josh will not be starting this week.  Those Browns and their Quarterbacks!

T. Y. Hilton, Tyrell Williams and Ty Montgomery have injuries and are wait-and-see this week.  Don has all three in his Trophy League.  Corey Coleman, of the Browns, is coming back this week from a broken hand so he will be able to start him if he needs to.

I am counting on Don to spend a few hours listening to Sirius XM Fantasy Radio tomorrow in order to make sure our teams are ready to roll on Sunday.  Having my own expert at home makes it easier for me to keep on winning!  At the end of the season, when I am collecting my winning prize, I might owe him a batch of homemade peanut butter cookies.


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