Week Four Results

We made it through another week with only a few bumps along the way.  Busy schedules and player injuries created a few minor setbacks but at the end of Week Four, we were happy with most of our results.

Don and I both had sure wins in the Fantasy Football Experience league.  Even so, I always watch our points and hope to outscore him (Sal 139.65 – Don 132.50).  Dawgalicious was the high-points team with a score of 183.55 including 48 points by Julio Jones. Julio caught 12 passes for 300 yards in Atlanta’s win over Carolina.  He is among an elite few who have 300 yards receiving in a single game.  My game would have been a disaster without Julio’s unbelievable effort.

I survived another week in the Eliminator Pool despite forgetting to enter my pick.  Thank goodness for auto-pick!  It gave me Seattle and kept me alive.  The Arizona Cardinals loss knocked out 13 players in the pool, which was the biggest single take out this season.  With the Cardinals’ help, only 34 of us will proceed to Week Five.  As the weeks go by and the survivors dwindle, the excitement continues to build.

Don lost his trophy league by 2 points – a major disappointment.  He is now 3-1 in the local league.  His Running Back, Dwayne Washington of the Detroit Lions, got hurt in the first quarter and only had two carries. This is Don’s third Running Back out due to injury this season.  His kicker, Dan Bailey, is listed with back problems and may be out this weekend.  The injury plague is in full blast!

We are both fans of the site that the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience league uses (http://MyFantasyLeague.com).  The site is easy to navigate and is user-friendly for beginners like me and experienced owners like Don.  Our commissioner, Bob Lung, is doing a fantastic job of keeping things running smoothly and we appreciate his work behind the scenes.  Four weeks in and I am feeling like quite the professional fantasy football owner, and happy with my 4-0 record. Don’s 3-1 record isn’t too shabby either!

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