Week Four – Monday Night Football

There is something about Monday Night Football.  Game time livens up the end of the day that nobody seems to like.  Mondays get a bad rap, but that all goes away when it’s time for Monday Night Prime Time Lights On Let’s-Get-Playing Football!

Monday nights are also that one last chance to win a Fantasy Football game, survive another week in an Eliminator Pool, and to stretch the weekend out one more day by talking about the games.  Thanks to the NFL, there are some mighty match-ups on Mondays.

Tonight’s game is big for my fantasy team.  Even though I am playing against a NEO (Non-Existent Opponent) again in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience league, I am playing for high points.  In addition to having a better record than Don, I also want to end the season with more total points than him.  He is only ten points ahead of me this week and all of his players are finished, so with any luck I will outscore him.

When we were at the Fantasy Football Experience, the experts talked about looking ahead in the season.  I am definitely a newbie to this and although I think I am doing a pretty good job (with a lot of help from hubby and experts), I was a little surprised to realize that I have the Giants’ Quarterback and the Vikings’ Defense going head to head tonight.  This is a learning experience, so I will soon find out if this is a situation I should try to avoid in the future.

We are huge Manning fans, so no matter how my fantasy points total up, tonight promises to be a fun game to watch.   My cousin, Andy, is lucky enough to have been involved in the Manning Passing Academy, both as a student and as a coach.  Oh! to know the Mannings personally.  That would be a dream come true.

As Week Four comes to an end, we wish all the fantasy owners good luck….except for those who are playing against us!




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