Week Five Results

Even though it is Monday night and Tampa Bay and Carolina are still battling, Week Five is officially over for us.  All of our fantasy games are finished and my pick survived another week in the Eliminator Pool.  The timing worked out great for us because tonight we are able to put all of our attention on the Indians vs the Red Sox!  

Our Fantasy Football Experience league games were both over last night.  Don won his game 138-69.  It helped him tremendously that the owner of Franchise 11 didn’t replace his bye week players.  Franchise 11 started Drew Brees and T.J. Yeldon who were both on their bye weeks.  Maybe that owner had a slight oops moment like I had last week with my pick for the Eliminator Pool.

Don also won his hometown league game by the end of the Sunday games.  He did not have the advantage like he did against Franchise 11, but his team had the upper hand from the get go.  He is one game closer to having that huge trophy in our living room again!

The Fantasy Football Experience league game did not go so well for me.  I lost my first game this season so now Don and I have the same record of 4-1.  The Amish Electricians owner has put together one of the toughest teams in the league, but I held my own with a final score of 154-122.  Eli Manning has been going through a rough patch and only contributed 12 points for Save The Bees.  Jeremy Hill was also a big disappointment this week with a performance that earned only one point.

We are heading into the sixth week of the season, and the playoffs begin in Week Thirteen.  Since the next seven weeks will determine if we make it to the playoffs, I am going to take a good look at my team to see if I need to make any changes.  The Fantasy Football Experience league takes the top player from each of the six leagues into the playoffs, and I expect it will be hard to get ahead of the Amish Electricians.  Hard, but not impossible!  Franchise 13 is another opponent who might be equally difficult but I am up for the challenge.

My Eliminator Pool pick this week was unusual because I broke one of my own rules for the first time and took the team that was playing against the Browns.  It was an obvious choice, choosing the New England Patriots over the Cleveland Browns.  Tom Brady was back after a four game suspension and I knew there was no way he would come back and lose to the worst team in the NFL.  It was an easy pick and one that paid off by keeping me alive for another week.  And at the end of the day, that is what it is all about.


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