The Indians TribeLive Twitter Experience

#TribeLive is a dream-come-true social media experience for Cleveland Indians fans who love to Twitter. Fans are able to apply for the chance to be a guest of the Indians for a game during which their #TribeLive tweets are sent out through the Indians account to over 750,000 Tribe followers. The fan and one guest receive tickets, credentials, a free drink and the opportunity to feel like a Twitter star for a day.

I was chosen by the Indians to attend the June 1st game against the Oakland Athletics! In “140 words or less”, I convinced them that I would be a great Twitter fan and that I would especially love to attend the June 1st game because that is my birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a sporting event in my life!

Game day was beautiful and sunny, a perfect day for baseball. My daughter, Ashley, and her friend Brittany went with me to the game, along with Don and Nathan.  We could only get one extra pass into the #TribeLive section so Don and Nathan stood behind us in the Right Field District. These standing tickets are the way to go! $13 gets you a ticket and a free drink, and it is way more fun to stand than I anticipated. The girls and I stood right by the yellow foul pole in the exclusive section, that the security guard said was for “special people”.  We definitely felt special!

Usually I am a Twitter maniac, sending out messages and pictures like crazy. When we first got to the game, I was a little Twitter bashful and had to get a grip on my stage fright! Who would know that the potential for these tweets to go to almost a million followers would make me a little shy. It didn’t take long to get over that and the fun began. I was so excited when I got the notification that the Indians had retweeted my first message and picture! There were several retweets and likes, over 100,000 impressions according to Twitter, in only a couple hours.

About halfway through the game, there was a special treat for the A’s outfielders – the sprinkler system came on! Even though we grabbed our phones as quickly as we could, we didn’t get the sprinklers in action. The crowd was laughing, the Indians were winning. It was an absolutely perfect day at the ballpark!

The Indians are onto something that I hope other sports teams will decide to offer. I will apply for this special treat every year, and I would love to have the same experience at a Browns game!

The best part of the whole experience was watching the Indians beat the A’s 8-0. Thank you Tribe for a spectacular event that I will never forget!


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