It’s Prime Time Now!

We have watched Jamie Careway’s Prime Time dominate the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League all season.  Prime Time was nearly impossible to beat with a record of 13-2, and Sunday night he pulled off a final win over Booger Holler Mudpuppies to claim the League Championship.  

Prime Time was in first place in the Moon Division all season, crushing most of the other teams.  It was obvious from the start that Jamie knows what he is doing when it comes to Fantasy Football.  His draft choices were excellent and he used the waiver wire to keep his team untouchable.  When he took down Don’s Hulking Out in Week Six, we knew he was a force to be reckoned with!

We consider every participant a winner of this Fantasy Football League.  We were able to interact with three Hall of Famers, six Fantasy Football experts, and compete in a six-division league for over $9000 in prizes.  Each division winner will receive tickets to next year’s Hall of Fame weekend, including the concert, enshrinement and the Hall of Fame game.  We played our hearts out to try to win that prize!  What a fantastic weekend of Hall of Fame fun!

Champion Jamie Careway won the Grand Prize – hosting next year’s Fantasy Football draft at the Hall of Fame.  Most Fantasy Football leagues put quite a bit of effort into their draft party, but none will compare to Prime Time’s 2017 draft party in Canton, Ohio!

Congratulations Prime Time!  Thank you Bob Lung, all the experts and Hall of Famers, and participants who made this experience possible.  We certainly will be back next year for the Fantasy weekend at the Hall of Fame!




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