For the Fun of the Game

Nick Swisher recently announced his retirement from Major League Baseball after playing – and having the time of his life – for twelve years.  A person didn’t have to know a thing in the world about baseball to be able to tell that Swisher loved the game and had a great time playing.  

Swisher was born in Ohio and grew up in West Virginia.   He played college baseball for The Ohio State Buckeyes, and had a couple very special seasons playing for the Cleveland Indians.  Swisher loved playing for Cleveland and Cleveland fans loved their Swish.  Nick’s “BrOHIO” t-shirts could barely be kept in stock at the fan shops, and his ear-to-ear grin could make everyone smile.  Nick Swisher was fun to watch because he was having a lot of fun.

Several years ago when Swisher was playing for the White Sox, Indians fans had the pleasure of being entertained by his antics during a brutally cold, opening week game in Cleveland.  Nick had the sparse crowd following his lead with OH-IO until his higher-ups told him to cut it out.

We appreciate his hard work and love of the game.  It was plain as day, every time we saw Swisher play that he was a man playing with the enthusiasm and joy of a little leaguer.  The news of his retirement makes us a little sad, but we are really looking forward to seeing that huge Swisher smile on Fox Sports, where he has taken a position as a studio analyst.

Congratulations, Nick Swisher!  May this next endeavor be as much fun as your last!


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