Between a Brock and a Hard Place

When we first heard of the Brock Osweiler trade, our first thought was what the heck were the Browns thinking.  As we started hearing more details of the trade, it started making more sense and might end up being one of the best trades the Browns have made in the past few years.

The essence of this trade is the Cleveland Browns get a 2nd round pick, a 6th round pick and Brock Osweiler, and the Houston Texans get a 4th round pick.  This is a very unusual trade for the NFL and has received more than a few second looks.  The Texans wanted this deal because they wanted to free up salary cap space so they can go after another Quarterback (reportedly Tony Romo).  The Browns need a Quarterback, but word is they will probably try to trade Osweiler, or release him.

As of right now, Brock Osweiler is the best Quarterback on the Browns’ roster!  They just released RGIII and Josh McCowan, leaving only Osweiler and last year’s rookie, Cody Kessler.  Cleveland rumor has it that the Browns want to reel in Jimmy Garoppolo, but it is questionable if the New England Patriots will be willing to release him.  In my opinion, Garoppolo would make Cleveland Browns football fun again!

The Browns have plenty of money, probably more than they could even spend in free agency this year, so this trade makes complete sense in that regard.  By spending some of this money, they bought a 2nd round pick for next year.  Even though this is a different scenario, it reminds us of the moves Sonny made for the Cleveland Browns in the movie “Draft Day”, working deals to hopefully end up with the players they need.  This is next year, and the Browns are making moves to be a winning team!




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