And Then There Were Four

This past weekend had four NFL playoff games that took the remaining eight teams down to the final four.  There were many hopes and dreams placed on these games, and some of those were crushed while others remain for another week.  Three more NFL games are left – how did we get to the end of the season so quickly?  

The two Saturday games were total blow-outs with New England crushing Houston 34-16.  Houston gave it their best shot for the first two quarters, but the Texans were no competition for Tom Brady’s Patriots.  The Atlanta Falcons took down the Seattle Seahawks 36-20 in another game that seemed to be unevenly matched.

Sunday’s games were both nail biters!  The Green Bay Packers won with a last second 51-yard field goal against the Dallas Cowboys.  Sad day for America’s Team and their fans.  In the midst of controversy, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 18-16.  A holding call while the Chiefs were going for a 2-point conversion is a matter of contention.  The Steelers always seem to find a way to win (say the Browns fans).

Don’s Hometown Trophy League game also came down to the wire.  This league follows the same schedule as the NFL, so eight teams went into the weekend with only four remaining.  Don played against Dave, the Commissioner of their league.   A few years ago, Don and Dave played against each other in the Super Bowl with Don winning the Championship.  This year, went the other direction, and Dave won their match by four points.  Four points!  Any tiny difference in drafting or player performance, and Don would be advancing to the Conference Championship game.  It was that close.

When the season started, the only possibility I considered was that we would win our fantasy leagues and I would win the Eliminator Pool.  That is what makes it fun for me.  No worries about losing, because we aren’t going to lose!  Don strategizes a lot more than I do, and the amount of information he takes in about the NFL is unbelievable.  He has fun playing Fantasy Football, but there is a much more serious edge to it for him.

Last night, we drowned our disappointment in a bucket of KFC.  Nothing better to wash away the frustration and sadness that comes with losing at the end of the season.  Extra Crispy to be exact.  With large sides of potatoes with gravy and macaroni and cheese.  Biscuits with honey.

We know how to win and we know how to lose.  The final three games will be exciting and thrilling and great fun to watch, just a little less so than if Don’s team was still alive.

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