Age is Just a Number

Offseason football talk is full of debate about how much longer Tom Brady can continue his reign in the NFL.  Brady is nearing 40, an age that used to be a few years past retirement.  For all practical purposes, 40 is the new 30!

Brady does not leave anything to chance.  His nutrition, workouts, and even his vacations are deliberately planned.  Tom Brady is known as one of the smartest players in the NFL, if not the smartest, and this shows in how he plays the game, even at the “old” age of 39.  Brady recently said that he would like to stay in the NFL for a few more years.  Fans hope so, naysayers doubt he can last, and younger players are undoubtedly watching and learning from his disciplined lifestyle.

Brady’s longevity puts into question the future of New England’s backup Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.  This was Garoppolo’s third season as Brady’s backup, and now it seems that he may be on the move, as one of the top Quarterbacks being sought after in the off-season. Garoppolo has earned a name for himself with the Patriots, in addition to having the prime position of having played with the Quarterback who has won the most Super Bowl games in the NFL’s history.

The Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns have both expressed interest in signing Garoppolo.  Jimmy is in the final year of his contract, meaning if the Patriots choose to keep him, they will have two high-paid Quarterbacks in a couple years.  He has only played a handful of games in the NFL, but that is more to go on than the college players who have never played a snap in the NFL.

Tom Brady’s age is no indication of when Garoppolo might take over the number one position for the Patriots.  In Brady’s world, age is truly just a number.

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