A Look Back at Week One

All around, Week One was a very good Fantasy Football week for us, but not so good for our Survivor Pools. Only two days after we published How to Win a Survivor Pool, I got knocked out of my big Survivor Pool.  Only two days! Come on Patriots, what is up with you guys?

We are so excited to be part of Bob Lung’s Pros vs Joes league and even more excited to report that we won our first game of the year! We played against David Kerr, co-host of the Fantasy Sports Hour on Fantrax Radio (http://fantrax.com) and I have to admit I was a little nervous knowing our team was going up against an expert with Kareem Hunt, Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs on his team. Hunt was the high scorer in Fantasy Football this week with 44 points!

The other side of the Kareem Hunt equation was that we were without our Number One draft pick, Mike Evans, whose game was postponed due to Hurricane Irma. We were outscored in the Thursday Night Game but came back strong in the rest of the games, winning Week One 124-113.

Don had a huge win in his FFPC league, scoring 190 points. He won his division game and is ranked 37th out of all the participants. This team is Don’s favorite, and the one I am hoping will take him to Vegas next year.

Win Number Three, Fantasy-wise, was Don’s Hometown Trophy League! Maybe it is because we are diehard Cleveland Indians fans, but we just don’t feel like we can lose right now! Speaking of the Indians, they are on their way to win Number 20 tonight, and if they win tomorrow’s game they will have tied the longest winning streak in MLB history.

Don survived week one in the Five Rings Survivor Pool by picking the Buffalo Bills. As I mentioned above, I chose the team that had everything going for them – the New England Patriots – and was promptly eliminated on Thursday Night of Week One. That was a first, and it wasn’t any fun at all!

Luckily, Jason Roberts came out of his two year sabbatical from running Survivor Pools and is hosting the Annual Eliminator 2017 Pool this year. My son-in-law, Bobby, and I both had lucky picks and survived, but Don and my daughter, Ashley, went down with the Houston Texans. This is a double elimination pool, so they still have an opportunity to continue, and all four of us will proceed into Week Two!

All-in-all a spectacular weekend, mainly because we are thankful for the safety of our Florida family and friends who were in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. What a Week One!

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