A Look Back at Week 17

The 2017 NFL season has come to an end. The Cleveland Browns finished with a perfect record and the Perfect Season Parade will be at noon this Saturday in Cleveland. This year the Browns are 0-16; they are 1-31 over the past two years. Yikes!

Don won his last Hometown Trophy League game and finished the season with more total points than one of the guys that is going on to the playoffs. Total points don’t make a difference in this league. All that matters is the record, and his record didn’t make the playoffs.

On a brighter note, Bobby was one of four participants in Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator Pool who made it all the way through the season! This week, Bobby and one other person took the Indianapolis Colts, and two others took the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams won, so the pot will be split four ways. Congratulations Bobby! A shout out to Jason for doing a great job as the Eliminator Administrator, and we hope to participate again next year. And win.

The NFL playoffs will consist of 12 teams, 8 of which were not in the postseason last year. The  four that were are the Steelers, Patriots, Chiefs and Falcons. According to Don, this gives us hope that the Browns will be in the playoffs next year. I will have to run the numbers on that and give my opinion in a later post!

2017 was full of fun and good times and we are looking forward to 2018! It is already full of promise, love and new life. The important things of the new year aren’t “things”, but family and loved ones. Cheers!


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