Is All Fair in Fantasy Football?

All is fair in love and war… but how about in Fantasy Football?  

Don was in a league a few years ago with a not-so-savvy Commissioner who changed the rules after the second game.  It was a PPR league, so Don drafted 3 really good receivers first.  He won the first two games and then the Commissioner changed the rules to a non-PPR league.  Don emailed the Commissioner and told him that he can’t change the rules mid-season, so the Commissioner kicked him out of the league!  Don’s friend, who was friends with the Commissioner and got Don into the league, spoke up also – and he got kicked out too.  I suppose the Commissioner of that league felt that he could do whatever he wanted, and if you didn’t like it, there’s the door.

That wasn’t the only time Don and Aaron have encountered Fantasy Football fairness issues.  The two of them were invited to join a league that was made up entirely of players from a different work division, except for Aaron and Don.  They swept the league, played each other in the Super Bowl (Don won the championship), took the other players’ money, and were NOT invited back the next year.

Our neighbors, Chris and Tracie, have lots of stories about their years of playing Fantasy Football.  They have played against each other for several years.  They both have very competitive spirits, so it says a lot for them that they are still happily married!  Last year they were tied for the championship when Tracie went to bed.  When she work up the next morning, she had lost to Chris, the Commissioner of their league, by one point.  Is all fair in love and Fantasy Football?

I am sure if you play Fantasy Football long enough, you will run into situations that are less than fair.  Friends playing in the same division can throw games to one player’s advantage creating havoc in the league. When it becomes obvious that players are being less than fair, it makes me want to win that much more!

Football Fantasy is like everything else in life.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and it is rarely fair.  Make the most of every day and every game, and enjoy every minute of it!



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