When Real Life Gets in the Way of Fantasy Football

We are very routine-oriented people.  We have an established way of doing things that usually works well for our family.  That being said, there are plenty of times when our routine is thrown off track and we have to adjust our schedules.

This week was one of those times when our routine went out the window!  Don worked longer days than usual which resulted in our fantasy team planning being very minimal.  

Typically we go over our players on Thursday evenings when I get home from work.  Don doesn’t normally work on Thursdays, so he is updated and full of information.  Then, we have Saturday evening and Sunday morning to finalize our teams.

Don had to finish setting his lineups Saturday night after work because he had to go in to work early this morning.  I was on my own and had to read up on questionable players and make sure my team had the best possible players.

The upset in our schedule caused me to make what could have been a fatal error in the Eliminator Pool!  All of a sudden, I realized it was 1:10 pm and I had not made my pick.  In all the years of playing survivor pools, I have never made that mistake – even when we were on vacation or otherwise away from the norm.

Thankfully, the auto-pick was Seattle and they came through for me in a win over the New York Jets.  Go Seahawks!  That was close to disastrous, as far as football pools go, and a mistake I will more than likely not repeat again.

All of this talk of work getting in the way of football led to an interesting conversation which will more than likely be the topic of a future blog post.  We both think it would be great to have jobs working in the fantasy football field.  Don knows of an individual who makes enough money playing fantasy football to afford quitting his day job.  My take on that is if fantasy football is your job, then sometimes real life would get in the way of working!

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