When It All Comes Down to the Monday Night Game

Sometimes you win early, and sometimes you don’t.  Who doesn’t like going to bed Sunday night knowing their team has it in the bag!  Thursday to Monday can seem like a really long time if your team is behind the entire time.   It seems like forever if an Eliminator Pool pick depends on the Monday game.

In the Fantasy Football Experience league, Haltertops had a steady 20-point lead over Save The Bees until the Sunday night game.  Now it is all coming down to how well Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears plays against the Philadelphia Eagles, and it is not looking too good for Save The Bees!

Don had a turn with a “ghost” team this week and beat his non-existent opponent 116 – 0.  He still has Jordan Matthews of the Eagles playing, so he might beat the NEO (non-existent opponent) by more than that!

I have to wonder how many fantasy team owners look at which day of the week the game is being played.  Superstition plays a role – although I hate to admit that – in my decisions.  Years ago, I picked a team playing on Thursday night for an Eliminator Pool, and lost.  I have never picked a Thursday night game since and will avoid Thursday games in Fantasy as much as possible. Since superstitions run strong in sports, I’m sure there are team owners who deliberately avoid certain days whenever they can.

With the excitement extending through Monday, it will seem like only a short time before Week Three begins!  We will have Tuesday to celebrate our wins (positive thinking here) and then it will be back to business on Wednesday.


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