What We Did Right in Week One

We came through Week One with flying colors!  Don won in both of his main leagues – The Trophy league and the Hall of Fame League.  He is the high-point man in the Hall of Fame League.  I won in the Hall of Fame League; however, I was playing against a ghost team (they are either non-existent or didn’t submit a lineup), and I did not meet my goal of scoring more points than Don.

The number one thing we both did right in Week One was to start our main players.  We didn’t give in to temptation and start players who we thought might do well, but stuck with the plan of using the best- rated players.  I was a little nervous and thought about starting Jeremy Hill instead of Demaryius Thomas, but took Mike Clay’s advice and stayed with Thomas.

The question of starting Demaryius or benching him all started with Don saying that he would have won his Super Bowl last year if he had taken Ted Ginn Jr instead of Thomas for that all important game.  Thomas offered only a few points, whereas Ginn Jr would have brought home The Trophy.  My loyalty to my husband almost ran over into Fantasy Football – a mistake I am determined not to make!  No matter how many points a player may have cost Don in the past, I will have them in my lineup if they will be beneficial to my game.

We both have Carlos Hyde in our Hall of Fame leagues.  Don drafted him in the 4th round, and I picked him up in the 5th.  If the season plays out the way we expect, Carlos will be quite a steal!  Three of my first four picks were receivers, and Don went with two receivers first and then two running backs.  Don stacked his team with Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, and Jordan Matthews.  To top that off he also has C.J. Anderson!  No wonder he has high-points.

We feel we are off to a great start to a season that is guaranteed to have some of the most animated football watching ever.  Remember, we do loud – really well!


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