What Do You Wear on GameDay?

Our home is full of superstition when it comes to gameday apparel.  Don and I both have Browns shirts from GV Art & Design (http://gvartwork.com) in Cleveland.  Not just ordinary shirts, but super cool shirts that display a Superman type “C” in honor of Superman hailing from Cleveland.  

Don wore his GV Art & Design shirt for the first two Browns games, and they lost.  Therefore, he did not wear the shirt for the next two Browns games, and they lost.  He must have thought the incredibly bad mojo had worn off the shirt so he wore it again today.  And they lost!

This year I had serious doubts that what we wore would have any effect on the Browns, but in years past I have been known to wear my Josh Cribbs jersey for every home game.  This goes back to wearing the jersey for the first time when Cribbs scored his first touchdown in Cleveland.  I didn’t want to put the hex on the Browns by not wearing the jersey whenever they played at home!

Some fans are lucky and can buy a Quarterback jersey and wear it for several years.  This is Tom Brady’s 17th season with the New England Patriots.  Ben Roethlisberger is in his 13th season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since we are Browns fans, we are not lucky enough to have that elite starting Quarterback.  Since 1999, the Browns have had 26 starting Quarterbacks and Charlie Whitehurst will make their 27th if he starts next week (in comparison, Green Bay has had two starting Quarterbacks since 1999 – Favre and Rogers).  If we had a jersey for every Cleveland Quarterback that would be quite a collection!

No matter the state of the Cleveland Browns, we are fans.  One family member, in particular, is the most decked-out Browns fan ever.  Not in the crazy decked-out fashion of the Bone Lady, but in true Cleveland style from authentic jerseys to customized Nike kicks.  The Browns might not win a game this year, but we will have fun wearing our team gear all season.





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