Week Twelve Results

Week Twelve was the last week of regular games in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League, and it was much more emotional than I expected it to be.  We have formed friendships with some of our opponents and we are more than a little sad that it is over.   We are also disappointed that neither one of us qualified for the playoffs.  

At the same time, we are happy for the teams who are going on to the playoffs!  We have cheered for Booger Holler Mudpuppies (except for when he beat me), and will continue to root for him through the playoffs.  Booger Holler and Tiger Joes, representing the Doleman and Fabiano Divisions, earned first round byes, so they will have a week off before getting back into the battle for the grand prize.  The other four teams that made the playoffs are Primetime from the Moon Division, Bow Knows from the Munoz Division, 2X HoF’er from the Hansen Division, and the Pool Rats from the Clay Division.  Great job guys!  A special thanks to Bob Lung of Big Guy Fantasy Sports for not only putting together the Fantasy Football Experience, but for also being the Commissioner of the FFE League.

Don came through Week Twelve with a win in both of his leagues – the Fantasy Football Experience League and his hometown Trophy League.  Don picked up Tim Hightower, Running Back for the New Orleans Saints, for his Trophy League a couple of weeks ago.  Hightower scored 22.5 points on Sunday, giving Don the win by four points. Hightower was the highpoint man on Don’s team – good move picking him up.  Don’s opponent benched Emmanuel Sanders, whose performance scored over 20 points.  If his opponent had started Sanders over any of his other players, he would have beat Don.

Seven players came into Week Twelve in the Survivor Pool, and seven will continue on to play another week.  One took Buffalo, one took Miami, two took the New York Giants, and three took New Orleans.  Three of those games started out shaky, and I am sure the players were more than a little nervous, but all four teams won.  Week Thirteen is a bye week for the Browns, so my strategy of taking their opponent is temporarily over!  I had three good games to choose from in Week Twelve, but I have to admit it was a hard choice to make.  I took the experts’ advice and went with the New York Giants, and they came through for me.

As we head into Week Thirteen, it seems strange not to be thinking about our Fantasy Football Experience League teams.  However, we have plenty to keep us busy with Don’s Trophy League and my Survivor Pool.  It will take lot of research to keep us going strong.  We are also working on promoting our blog and making it a little more jazzy.  We appreciate all suggestions and opinions, so please comment below or send us a message if you have any ideas for AFantasyFootballCouple.com!





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