Week Three

Questionable and doubtful players are making Week Three a challenge for fantasy team owners. Don and I are both 2-0 in the Fantasy Football Experience league, but the injury bugs are plaguing us again.

Don is also 2-0 in his trophy league, but two of his starters, Ameer Abdullah and Adrian Peterson are hurt and most likely out for the rest of the year.  He had to pick up two players – Dwayne Washington, running back from Detroit, and Tajae Sharpe, wide receiver from Tennessee, to have as bench players for now until he can make a trade or figure something else out.

Antonio Gates is doubtful and Willie Snead is questionable so I also had to make a couple of adjustments to my team.  The Fantasy Guru, John Hansen (http://www.fantasyguru.com), had tight end Jared Cook of the Green Bay Packers near the top of his list so I picked him up, and I am starting Travis Benjamin instead of Willie Snead.

No matter which team I am playing in the Fantasy Football Experience league, I always put Don’s team against mine. So far this year, he has outscored me – by a lot – which isn’t good since this whole season is about beating him.  The fantasy football gods were looking out for me when we were assigned different divisions.  The teams on the Moon division have their work cut out for them, trying to beat Hulking Out!

One of the reasons Don is so hard to beat is that he is always looking for ways to improve his team or block his opponents from improving theirs.  We were in Cleveland for an Indians game yesterday, and his cell phone alarm went off to remind him that Dwayne Washington would become available in his trophy league at 4:05 pm.  So there we sat, at the Corner Alley on 4th St, with our cheeseburgers, fries and Miller Lites – Don picking up a player while I sent out tweets about his roster moves.

Today promises to be a fantastic day.  We will have a houseful of family including my Aunt Kathie and Uncle Butch from Florida and our kids and grandbabies.  The fall weather in Northeast Ohio is second to none.  BBQ pork has been slow-cooking since midnight last night, and the entire house smells heavenly.  Add cheering on our teams and players to the mix and it is pretty close to perfect.




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