Week Three Results

We suffered a couple of losses in Week Three but overall it ended better than I expected.  There were so many injuries across the league that it made it very difficult to know who to play and who to bench.  Even the experts had differing opinions on which players to keep in.

Most of the experts said to bench Carlos Hyde.  His performance in the first two weeks was less than stellar, but I did not have very many options, so I kept him in and hoped for the best.  He went off and scored 25.5 points which helped carry Save the Bees to a 40 point win over Laurel Lance.

Drunk Jim Brown (maybe he should have read our post about naming fantasy teams?) outscored Don’s Hulking Out by 50 points resulting in his first loss in the Fantasy Football Experience league.  Carson Palmer gave Don a measly 6.3 points and C.J. Anderson had a weak game and only gave him 5.1.  Brandin Cooks also had a disappointing performance against the Atlanta Falcons.

Don had much better luck with his non-PPR trophy league winning 97-76.  He is 3-0 in the local league with two of those wins being division games. T.Y. Hilton was one of his top scoring players with 29.4 points and the Minnesota defense came up big with 31 points.

When we first met Mike Clay (http://ESPN.com) at the Fantasy Football Experience, I told him that my main goal was to beat Don this season.  Now I realize that I want both of us to win – I have been bitten by the fantasy football bug and catch myself dreaming big about our future possibilities.  Three weeks in, I have learned that knowledge and experience make a huge difference in winning and losing, but there is also a lot of luck involved. Since I don’t have the knowledge or experience to consistently win I have to depend on advice from the experts and Don, and a whole lot of luck.  This week I was lucky, and I am hoping to carry that luck through the rest of the season!



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