Week Thirteen Results – And She’s Out!

Week Thirteen was more than a little crazy.  In the words of the great Bob Harris of Football Diehards (http://www.footballdiehards.com), “The oblong spheroid bounces funny ways.”   Funny, not funny, as the ball bounces.

Don had another winning week in his hometown Trophy League.  That trophy might be spending another year at the Kurjan household!  (I know, the football gods might strike down his chances of winning since I wrote that.)  The Trophy League win was impressive because he has lost three of his top four picks to injuries.  C.J. Anderson, Adrian Peterson, and Amir Abdullah are all on the D.L., but he has still maintained a 9-4 record.  This week’s win was due to the epic performances of Derek Carr and T.Y. Hilton.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League is in the playoffs.  Prime Time won in the first playoff game against 2X HoF’er with a score of 139.75 – 134.95.  Bow Knows also won in the playoffs, going head-to-head against The Pool Rats.  I would like to note that all six teams who made the Fantasy Football Experience League have names!  None of the “Franchise” teams made the playoffs, a fact that substantiates my opinion that all Fantasy Football teams should have cool names.

Week Thirteen was the week I did not survive my Survivor Pool.  I was more than a little sad and cranky when the New Orleans Saints lost to the Detroit Lions, eliminating me for once and for all.  The decision to take the Saints was not made lightly.  I spent several days reading the experts’ opinions and researching which of my remaining teams stood the best chance of winning.  I chose the Atlanta Falcons, and with only a few minutes left before the deadline, I changed my pick to the Saints.  That broke one of my unbreakable rules – never change a pick!  The only good thing at the end of the day was that the Falcons also lost, keeping me from beating myself up over that last minute change.  Congratulations to the four remaining Survivors!  It was a great season playing with you guys!

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