Week Six Results – The Good and The Bad

This week was great for me!  Save The Bees won in the Fantasy Football Experience league 116-108. When I went to sleep Sunday night I was sure I had lost.  What a nice surprise Monday morning when I realized I won!  Franchise 15 (give your team a name already) gave me a run for my money with the spectacular performance by Matthew Stafford, Quarterback for the Detroit Lions.  Eli Manning and Julio Jones had stellar games for Save The Bees, and the Eagles defense covered well for the bye-week Vikings.  

The other half of AFantasyFootballCouple did not have a good week. Don lost his Trophy League by one point which is completely frustrating.  A loss by 50 points would be easier to take than a loss by one!  Don decided at the last minute to start Tyler Lockett and bench Deandre Washington. That was a bad decision because he would have won if he had started Washington.  Don had his team locked in, but then read that Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, wanted to get Lockett more involved so he decided to start him.  He also started Travis Benjamin who had a disappointing performance with only 1.7 points.

Hulking Out played against Prime Time in the Fantasy Football Experience league.  Prime Time is tough business – high-points league wide and plain hard to beat.  Prime Time’s Matt Ryan and Christine Michael were too much for Hulking Out’s Carson Palmer and Antonio Brown.  If it weren’t for Brandin Cooks’ 30 point delivery, Hulking Out would have been smooshed!  As it went, Don lost in the FFE league, and is down to a record of 4-2.

We are impressed with the five teams in the Fantasy Football Experience league who are 6-0.  I have gone over their teams every which way I can, looking for common denominators.  The only link they share is they are all undefeated!  Congratulations Franchise 13, Hashtag, Central PA Fightin’ Amish, Tiger Joes, and O.B.I.E. on a fantastic six weeks!

I survived one more week in the Eliminator Pool with a big win by the Buffalo Bills over San Francisco.  Colin Kaepernick might want to be more concerned with playing football than with taking a knee during the National Anthem.  Buffalo fans chanted “USA” before Kaepernick took a knee, and then the Bills promptly steamrolled the 49ers 45-16.   The Eliminator Pool is down to 26 surviving players thanks to the Steelers 30-15 loss to the Miami Dolphins.   Ben Roethlisberger played through the second half of the game with a torn meniscus, has had surgery and is expected to be back soon. Sorry about that injury, Ben, but I’ve never been happier about a Pittsburgh loss!

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