Week Seven – Waiver Wire Picks

We are deep into the NFL season and our teams have been riddled with injuries.  When we need to beef up our teams we turn to the waiver wire to fill in the blanks.  

Save The Bees has four questionable players and one, Eddie Lacy, who was placed on the Injured Reserve due to ankle surgery.  My other Running Back, Carlos Hyde, is questionable and my two topnotch Wide Receivers, Desean Jackson and Travis Benjamin, are also questionable.  Add in questionable Zach Miller with a rib injury, and Save The Bees is in trouble!

While I was at work today, Don came to my rescue and was able to acquire the Buffalo Bills’ Running Back, Mike Gillislee, from the waiver wire.  It seems like I am light on Running Backs, with Mike Gillislee and Jeremy Hill, but it is only Thursday and they might pull through with outstanding performances this week.

Don’s Trophy League team and his Fantasy Football Experience League team have both suffered endless injuries.   He also benched Hyde and picked Gillislee up from the waiver wire for Hulking Out.  If this turns out to be a good move, we will both benefit from it; if it goes bad, it is double trouble!

After last weeks’ terrible numbers, Don dropped Tyler Lockette from his Trophy League team as well as DeAndre Washington.  He picked up Tyrell Williams of the San Diego Chargers and Ty Montgomery of the Green Bay Packers from the waiver wire.

Don has serious draft remorse from picking Adrian Peterson over Ezekiel Elliott.  If he had drafted Elliott he would be 6-0 in the hometown league instead of 4-2.  We go back to the conversation with his buddy, Tim, who drafted Elliott because of Peterson costing him the championship the year before.  Don told Tim he had serious concerns about Elliott and he had decided to go with Peterson based on past performance.  Unfortunately, Tim is not 6-0 even with Elliott, but Don sure wishes he had picked him in the draft.




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