Week Nine Results Are In!

We will have to wait until late tonight or tomorrow for the 2016 election results, but our Week Nine results are in now!  Luckily things went mostly our way again.  I am getting used to winning and am hoping to keep up the W streak for a few more weeks.  

Don had more than a few choices to make with his Trophy League team.  He had three “TY” players that were questionable – Hilton, Montgomery and Williams.  He chose not to play Tyrell Williams, but kept Hilton and Montgomery in the game.  Don’s Trophy League is different from most; on Bye weeks he has to carry his player’s points over.  Two of his carry-over players had mediocre games which will make it difficult for him to win next week.  T.Y. Hilton had a so-so game with only 8 points, and Derrick Carr, Don’s Trophy League Quarterback, brought in less than 8.   However, the biggest mistake Don made in Week Nine was benching Tim Hightower, Running Back for the New Orleans Saints.  If Don had played Hightower, he would have won his game.

We won our games in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience league.  Save The Bees now has an 8-1 record and Hulking Out is at 6-3.  Don is tied for second place in the Moon division, and I am tied for first in the Doleman division.  Prime Time is still the overall high-point man.  Way to go Prime Time – you are the team to beat!  Booger Holler Mudpuppies and the Amish Electricians are doing their best to get out of second place.  They are the teams to watch in the Doleman division.

I survived another week in the Office Survivor Pool.  Sixty-nine started, only nine remain.  Two unlucky players picked Green Bay and were quickly eliminated by the Indianapolis Colts.  In order to maximize my win power, I once again chose to break my rule of not picking against the Browns.  It just made sense to choose Dallas – there was no way they would let Cleveland beat them, so I was positive they were a safe pick.  The Cowboys didn’t let me down, and after listening to the experts talk about Cleveland, I think it might be wise to choose whichever team they are playing!  I don’t plan to pick my teams like that, but this season I will slack up on that Browns rule in order to keep surviving.



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