Week Fourteen Results

Week Fourteen was the first week that only one of us had games going on, and I did not like it at all!  Don is still listening to me complain about Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints knocking me out of the Survivor Pool.  He is still going strong in his hometown Trophy League, but I have been eliminated from both the Fantasy Football Experience League and the Survivor Pool.  However, we are both having a lot of fun keeping up with Prime Time vs Booger Holler in the Fantasy Experience Playoffs, the four Survivors, and, of course, Don’s Huge Trophy League.

This week, Don’s team was overcome with injuries and terrible performances and he lost his Trophy League game.  He is still very much in the running for the playoffs and I have confidence that he will regroup and win his Week Fifteen game.

Cleveland fans were hopeful that this would be the week that the Browns would finally win a game.  The Browns’ Quarterback, Robert Griffin III, was finally back from a shoulder injury and even a few experts thought they would be able to beat Cincinnati.  RGIII’s performance was disappointing, adding to the frustration that the fans are feeling.  The season is sure to be a total loss with almost no chance of winning the remaining games.  But, there is always next year!

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