Week Fourteen – Fantasy Playoffs are in Full Swing!

Even though we did not make the playoffs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League, we are still keeping up with the teams and cheering for our favorites to win the Grand Prize.  And, like Cleveland fans say, there is always next year.  Save The Bees is going to return with a vengeance!

This week the top two teams return from a bye week to take on the winners from last weeks games.  Booger Holler Mudpuppies and Tiger Joes are taking on Bow Knows and Prime Time.  Tiger Joes is in the Number Two seed,  but Prime Time will probably give him a run for his money.  Tiger Joes owner, Jeff Christmas, has what it takes to win – he has the only undefeated team in the Fantasy Football Experience League.  We continue to root for Booger Holler as he goes head to head with Bow Knows.

Don is sailing through this season in his hometown Trophy League.  He is set for the playoffs even if he loses one or two more games.   I heard him say again this morning that if only he had drafted Ezekiel Elliott instead of Adrian Peterson he would be undefeated.  Holy Moly!  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that this year I would be rich!  He continues to listen to Sirius XM Fantasy Radio and soaks in every word.  He has me hooked on listening to Bob Harris and Mike Dempsey, The Football Diehards (http://www.footballdiehards.com).  Bob and Mike make listening to Fantasy Football advice fun – even for an complete amateur like me!

Out of habit, I checked in to the Office Football Pool site to check on the Survivor Pool survivors.  Down to Four!  Still bummed about the loss, but at least I beat Don by about 11 weeks!  That is what this season was supposed to be about…beating Don.  When I first talked with Mike Clay (http://search.espn.go.com/mike-clay/) at the Hall of Fame, I told him I wanted to beat my husband at Fantasy Football this year.  At that time, I had no idea how much fun we would have along the way.  This has been one heck of a season and it is a long way from being over!


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