Week Four – Bye Weeks Begin

Fantasy owners have a new adjustment this week.  In addition to replacing injured players, we have to make sure to watch our bye weeks.

The Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles have a bye this week.  I have two Green Bay players – Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb but since Cobb was benched last week, Lacy was the only one who had to be replaced.  It was an easy decision to replace Lacy with Jeremy Hill who will play in tonight’s game.  Hill, Cincinnati’s Running Back, is likely going to go off against the Dolphins in his home territory.  Expect this to be one of his best games so far this season!

Don has Philadelphia Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews on his Fantasy Football Experience league team. Having Jordan on a bye week wasn’t a problem at all because he is heavy on awesome receivers and is starting Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks and Michael Crabtree.  Don’s sixteen-team trophy league does not have bye weeks.  Instead they carry-over points from the previous week, because with so many teams going after players on bye weeks, it would be too difficult to find replacement players.  Carrying the players’ points for two weeks requires an altered strategy.

The Thursday Night game promises to be a fine display of the Bengals’ talent.  Both teams have the same losing record (1-2), but the Bengals are at home with a fired-up fan base who are ready for a win!  There is no way the Bengals will fall to 1-3.

Bye weeks create some tough decisions because now you may have to drop someone that you wanted to keep for later in the season.  There is more strategy involved than a person might think, especially once the bye weeks begin.  The timing of bye weeks is important for the teams.  The middle of the season – Week Eight – is the biggest bye week with six teams taking a break.  Week Four is a little early and Week Thirteen is a little late.  The teams with the early and late byes evidently drew the short straw!

The experts at the Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience talked about how important it is to look ahead at the bye weeks or at least keep track of them.  The fantasy owner has to be prepared with players, especially in that crazy week of byes – Week Eight.  We are firm believers that the more strategy is involved, the more important it is to listen to what the experts have to say.  Take advantage of their experience and knowledge and use that information to help keep your team strong during bye weeks.






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