Week Five Begins!

Believe it or not, we are already rolling into Week Five!  This week’s Fantasy Football Experience league is going to be quite a bit tougher than last since we both had a freebie week against Non-Existent Opponents.  Save The Bees is going up against a fierce competitor – the Amish Electricians are 4-0 and the high-point team in the Doleman division.  Hulking Out has an equally difficult opponent – Franchise 11 is 4-0 and the high-point team in the Moon division.

This week has more at stake for Don because if he loses he will drop to 3-2.  He is fairly confident with his team which includes C.J. Anderson, Antonio Brown, Jordan Matthews and Michael Crabtree.  Franchise 11 has A.J. Green who has been the number one receiver this year.  I think Franchise 11 is going to give Don a run for his money!  To add even more pressure, Don is playing a division game in his trophy league this week.  They are both 3-1 but his opponent has more total points than he does right now.

I have my hands full with my matchup against the Amish Electricians.  Earlier today I asked Mike Clay (http://ESPN.com) if I should be worried and he said “only a little”.  Yikes!  Eli against Big Ben is a bit nerve-racking.  The Amish Electricians have Running Backs Forte, Gurley and McCoy and Wide Receivers Hilton, Nelson and Pryor.  Terrelle Pryor is a multi-threat.  For the past couple weeks he has been the hottest player on the waiver wire.  He can pass, he can run, he can catch.  There aren’t many players in the league who can do it all and do it as well as he can.  All I can do is hope that Pryor is a little off against the Patriots with an angry Tom Brady!

Don is back in his routine of having all of his line-ups set on Thursday evening.  He likes to have all of his players in order and then make adjustments as needed.  I was also out of my routine last week and will be more prepared for this Sunday’s games.  In addition to the great NFL line-up, we will also be watching the Indians as they take on the Boston Red Sox in the post-season.  Go Tribe!


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