Week Eleven Results – Slightly Delayed

Week Eleven was a tough one for for me and one that I have not really wanted to write about.  We had high hopes that one of us would win our division in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League.  Those hopes were crushed in Week Eleven.

Don’s chances of winning were already over due to an unstoppable Prime Time in the Moon Division.  Prime Time has a record of 9-2 and is the division high point team.  Don has maintained Hulking Out’s third place ranking with a record of 7-4, but there was no way he could catch up or pass Prime Time for the division win.

Save The Bees was in second place with a tied record of 9-1, but slightly behind Franchise 13 in total points scored.  Going into Week Eleven, it looked fairly promising that Save The Bees could take over first place.  All I needed was to beat the Booger Holler Mudpuppies, and have Franchise 13 lose to the Amish Electricians.  Unfortunately, the Amish Electricians took out their defense and left in bye week players in order to give the win to Franchise 13.  Then, Sunday Night Football happened, and Robert Kelley went off, giving Booger Holler over 30 points!  I went to bed thinking I had the win, and woke up Monday morning to a huge loss.  Good job, Booger Holler – now it’s up to you to beat 13!

Don is still in first place in his hometown Trophy League.  Week Eleven scored another win for him.  Don’s record is 7-4 and the second place team is 6-5.  (Writing this post has brought out the comment, again, that he would be undefeated if he had drafted Ezekiel Elliott.) The Minnesota defense gave him 30 points last week, and Derek Carr gave him 26.  The combination made him fairly unstoppable.  The Trophy League plays all 17 weeks, so he has a few games left before the playoffs begin.

I stayed alive another week in the Survivor Pool.  We are now down to seven players – seven who have survived to play another week.  Last week I once again went against my own rules and chose the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That broke two rules at once – never pick against the Browns, and never ever pick the Steelers to win! When it comes down to it, I want to stay in the game and will break my own silly rules if I have to!  The Survivor Pool Commissioner said it well, “Two more bow out. The stress at this point watching these games removes years on your life. Depending on some real shitty teams and players for W’s. SEVEN remain.”

All in all it was a good week, keeping a fairly good standing in the Fantasy Football Experience League, winning another game in the Trophy League, and staying alive to play another week in the Survivor Pool. We were sidetracked in our blog writing by work schedules but most of all procrastinated writing the post about our being out of the running for the awesome Pro Football Hall of Fame grand prize!



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