Wednesday Night Free for All

Food is a big deal at our house.  We like to eat and we like to eat a lot.  Mix in some family, friends and sports and it gets to be an even bigger deal.

Sunday gameday menus are planned at least a few days ahead and sometimes a week in advance.  Don has an all time favorite – pepperoni rolls (pizza rolls anywhere in the world other than Northeastern Ohio). I make homemade pepperoni/pizza rolls and stuff them as full as they can be without popping open while they bake.  Sometimes they still pop open and then they are even better!

Another family favorite is Fernando’s Wedgewood pizza.  This is the best pizza in our area – one slice of Wedgewood equals half of anyone else’s pizza.  The toppings are piled on thick and the crust is baked to perfection.  We always order extra for the Sunday night munchies and Monday back-to-work dinners.

As the weather gets colder, the menu adjusts.  A big pot of chili can take on many different themes.  Frito pies covered in cheese and sour cream are delicious, and chili dogs are one step above a regular hot dog.  I admittedly love cooking anything that can be eaten leftover, and chili tastes even better the second day!

“Sal’s Sammiches” are one of our football Sunday traditions.  Thick slices of Italian bread, loads of pepperoni, salami, ham and turkey, cheese on both sides and slow-toasted to a golden brown.  Add some chips and dip and it is a fantastic game time meal.

There is nothing we enjoy more than spending time with our family and friends.  Sunday afternoon football is a great opportunity to bring folks together for food and fun.  Cheering for our favorite players and teams while enjoying the company of loved ones and a Sunday feast is what football season is all about!










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