Villanova Taken Down – Brackets Busted

In the biggest upset so far, the number eight seed, Wisconsin, beat the defending champions, Villanova, this afternoon.  Many brackets fell along with Villanova.  The number one seed was a popular pick to make the finals.  One of the things that makes March Madness so much fun is how quickly the numbers can change.  

After the first round in Todd’s family and friends pool, Don’s son Nathan is tied for first place!  Villanova’s loss will cause him a little trouble, because he took them to the Final Four.  Don is tied for fourth place, and I’m lagging behind, tied for sixth.  Our dreams of a perfect bracket are gone, but considering that out of millions of online brackets there are only a few perfect brackets left, we have a lot of company.

Villanova’s loss has put my coworker, Pennie, in a great place with her family pool.  Her husband and two kiddos all took Villanova to the finals.  Pennie, who is a basketball expert in my eyes, is sitting pretty to win, especially if Duke wins the Championship!

Number eleven seed Xavier crushed number three seed Florida State tonight, and might be the end of any remaining perfect brackets.  It will be fun to find out tomorrow if any brackets have survived.

We are enjoying watching the excitement of the winners, but the losing teams almost make me want to cry.  These talented college players are playing their hearts out, and we hope that win or lose they are soaking in every minute of this once in a lifetime experience.

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