Tuesday Night Free for All

Since this is our first blog experience, we started out knowing absolutely nothing about writing a blog and have worked our way up to knowing just a little.  One of the things that has made this enjoyable for us is that we can do it our way and learn as we go.  We decided that Tuesdays will be our random topic night.  While the focus of the blog will always be on fantasy football, we are excited about a few other things too!

Baseball teams are in full blown, let’s-get-to-the-playoffs mode and the season is winding down.  The numbers til clinch are getting smaller and the fans are coming out to fill the parks. Whether your team is heading to the playoffs or if talk of next year has already begun,  this is one of the best times to make it to a game.

Fan appreciation days, dollar hotdog nights and spectacular firework shows are a few great reasons to make it to the ballpark before the end of the season.  For the teams that are playoff contenders, excitement is in the air.  The crowds’ enthusiasm is contagious and it is next to impossible not to stand up and cheer!

Baseball, hotdogs, fireworks…we love them all and can’t wait to go to our last regular season game of the year this weekend.  Cleveland fans don’t get an opportunity very often to enjoy a winning season, but the Indians are doing an excellent job of getting it done this year.  Go Tribe!





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