Top Ten Things We Will Do in the Football Off-Season

Now that football season is over, here are the top ten things we will be focusing on until the season starts up again: 

  • 10.  From now until April 27th we will be paying attention to every expert’s opinion on the draft picks the Browns will take.  These opinions can change from day-to-day – one day they are going to draft a QuarterBack and the next a Defensive End.  Or maybe an Offensive Lineman?
  • 9.  Buying and cooking on a new grill!  We learned about Traeger grills from our son-in-law, Bobby, and can’t wait to make this purchase.  Ribs, burgers, chicken and shish-ka-bobs…yum!
  • 8.  Riding bikes and Mustang drives.  We are lucky to live near several beautiful bike trails, including the Presque Isle trail by Lake Erie.  We also love taking our convertible out, even for short drives to get an ice cream cone.
  • 7.  Researching and building our blog.  We have a brand new logo and are in the process of ordering t-shirts, mugs and other branded items.  This is fun and exciting!  
  • 6. Watching the defending World Championship Cleveland Cavaliers and wondering what the heck Kyrie Irving is trying to prove with his “flat world” theory. Despite the Irving distraction, it is fun to watch the Cavs, and we hope they will have back-to-back Championships for #CLE.
  • 5. Enjoying youth baseball.  We have three young baseball players in our family – Nathan, Landon and Logan.  Nothing is more fun that watching kids play baseball.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and we love watching their skills improve from year to year.
  • 4. Debating from now until our Fantasy Football Draft, if we have the Number One pick, would we take David Johnson, LeVeon Bell, or Ezekiel Elliott?  I would have to go with Zeke, but Don is probably leaning toward David Johnson.
  • 3. #SaveTheBees We will continue to make our yard bee-friendly.  We love our bee and butterfly attracting flowers and plants.  Someday I want to have bees and chickens, just like Daymond John of Shark Tank!
  • 2.  Claiming back Sunday as Family Day.  Sundays are great for going to Millcreek Park, hanging out at our deck/pool, spending time with family and friends, and getting our worship on.
  • 1.  Cheering on our defending AL Champion Cleveland Indians.  We love the Tribe and will attend several games, including being a part of #TribeLive on my birthday! Woohoo!

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