The Fantasy Football Experience Playoffs

This week was the semi-finals for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League.  It all came down to four teams fighting it out, and after Sunday Night Football, each team has one player left to play.  All four teams have The Same Player – Malcolm Mitchell.  How does that even happen?

Prime Time has a huge lead over Jeff Christmas’ Tiger Joes with a score of 111.35 – 77.75.  Booger Holler Mudpuppies and Bow Knows went head to head with a score of 79.95 – 78.15.  Booger Holler was sweating that one out and says going into SNF he thought he was done.  Pure Luck he called it, but we’ve watched him play all season and he knows what he is doing!

What are the chances of these four division winners ending up with the same player at the end of the semi-finals?  And, who is Malcolm Mitchell?  Mitchell is a rookie Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots.  He more than likely was not drafted by anyone, and yet here he is in on all four rosters at the end.  Mitchell had minimal performances in the first ten weeks of the season.  Week Eleven he scored his first Touchdown, two TD’s in Week Twelve, and now he is Man of the Hour.

It has been a lot of fun watching these teams play and making new friends in the process.  We were cheering for Tiger Joes and Booger Holler and hoping the finals would come down to these two Fantasy Football Champs, but Prime Time has been a challenge to everyone who has played against him.  Good luck next week guys and may the best team win!

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