The Fantasy Bond

Fantasy Football is a social phenomenon that has gained popularity at a spectacular rate.  An underlying reason for the love of fantasy football is the bond that comes from playing year after year with the same group of people.

Don’s trophy league has been in existence since the 1988-1989 season and he joined it in 2000.  Since he joined, only two people have left the league and one of those was replaced with one of the owner’s son.  There are people who would love the opportunity to join the league, but nobody ever quits to open up a space.

Our next door neighbors have been in a league together for approximately 10 years. Not only are they still married after all these competitive seasons, but they also have some hilarious stories!   Last year, they were tied for the championship when Tracie went to bed.  When she got up the next morning, Chris had won by one point.  She jokingly questions the legitimacy of his win since he is the commissioner! I would have a hard time owning a loss to Don by one point, and I’m sure I would find a reason why I should have won.

We recently got together with Don’s buddy, Tim.  Don’s draft for his Trophy League was the night before, and Tim had also had his draft not long before.  Tim said one of the things he really likes about fantasy football is the time he spends with his brother, Jimmy, and how it gives them a reason to talk every week throughout the season.  They have to discuss all of their fantasy strategies, but it is also a bond the two of them share.

In this fast paced world we live in, I think anything that gives us a reason to slow down and spend time with our spouses, family, and friends is a worthwhile activity.  Fantasy football brings strangers together as well, and helps form new friendships in the process.  The competition can get heated, but at the end of the season there are many good memories and the anticipation of next year.

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