The DC Fantasy Football Couple

This week we were extremely lucky to get to interview the DC version of us, Chris Cichon – The Big Chee – and his beautiful girlfriend, Jennifer. The Big Chee is a producer for Sirius XM Fantasy Radio and is also a contributor to WTOP television. Chris has encouraged us with our blog, and, more specifically, my writing for almost a year now. He remembers what it was like to be a beginner, and has offered reassuring advice: Keep on writing, it only makes you better.

Chris is in approximately six fantasy football leagues, and Jennifer is in one. They both agree they would rather play for money than for a humongous trophy, since cash will pay for a nice night out on the town in Washington, DC and a trophy won’t. They are not in a league together this year – maybe next year? – but Chris is more than willing to offer any advice he can to Jen to help her out, although he admits she is certainly adequate to set her own lineup. In fact, she is in the number one position in her league right now!

The Big Chee’s favorite league is whichever one he is doing the best in. Right now, that is Justin Fensterman’s league, Straight Cash Money, in which Chris holds the number one place out of 14. Jen’s league is especially fun, because it is a group of her college best friends.

Jennifer says her best fantasy football experience is probably also her worst. She won her first year, but since she and her friends had decided not to put any money in, her grand prize was bragging rights, and she has not won since! We agree with her – it is time to change that. She’s got the right guy to help her out, and my money is on her winning the league this year.

The Big Chee’s best fantasy football experience was when he was in high school and won his league for the first time. To this day, he still remembers celebrating in his parent’s living room, when Matt Hasselbeck threw a touchdown pass to Shaun Alexander in Week 16 against the Colts, winning the league for him.

Last summer, Chris got to travel to Texas with the show to cover the Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas.  They had the Cardinals’ David Johnson and the Bengals’ Jeremy Hill on their airwaves – pretty impressive stuff. We sure hope Bob Lung puts together another Fantasy Football Experience weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame next year because Chris and Jen will come to Ohio (cookout at our house!) to participate in the event. Bob’s 2016 FFE weekend was spectacular and we would love to attend another one!

Jennifer has only been a football fan for a few years, and chose her NFL team in a traditional way. She is from New Jersey and her uncles love the Giants, so that became her team. Chris has since persuaded her to love his team, the Miami Dolphins. I think that is great – now he can buy her a jersey, a blanket and all those fun things!

We were thrilled to hear that The Big Chee’s favorite interview is this one, since it is the first time he and Jen have been interviewed together! Previously, his favorite was when The Miz came into WTOP before Monday Night Raw. He says it was really awesome to hangout with The Miz, who is always in character, and is also a really nice guy. Jen’s favorite interview is also this one! She says in her line of work she doesn’t get interviewed so this was a cool experience for her.

This super nice couple could use a four-legged friend or two (my opinion). Chris said he would not be opposed to eventually getting a dog although he is more of a cat person. Jen chimed in that yes she is open to the idea! Hey guys, you would be surprised how much help a dog or cat can be while pondering which player to bench or which team to take in Week 12 of a Survivor Pool!

Most importantly, we found out that our Fantasy Football Couple coffee mug is The Big Chee’s favorite mug and he drinks his coffee out of it nearly every morning. I think they should have a matching set since they are such an awesome Fantasy Football Couple, so Jen’s will be in the mail as soon as our shipment comes in.

This super duo is finding out that fantasy football brings couples closer together. It provides lots of topics for conversation and gives couples something fun to have in common. We really enjoyed finding out more about Chris and Jen, and truly appreciate them taking the time to answer our questions. Wishing them both luck in their leagues and we will check in with them again this season!

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