Happy Thanksgiving!  We are blessed beyond imagination, and although we are grateful every day, this is a perfect morning to sit and reflect on everything we are thankful for.

We are thankful for all of the obvious things like good health, perfect children, a warm house and hot coffee.  On a deeper level, we are grateful for a loving God who protects us from harm and forgives us even we are not in a blessing-counting mood.

We are thankful for the Cleveland Cavaliers winning The Championship, the Indians making it to Game 7 of the World Series, and that the 2016 Browns Season is five games from being over.  We experienced more wins this past year than Cleveland fans hope to see in a lifetime.

We are thankful for opportunities.  We work hard and like to spend our money making memories.  Last night Don and Nathan had an evening they will never forget.  Don takes Nathan to a Cavs game every year, and last night’s game topped them all.  Their seats were four rows behind Khloe Kardashian – thanks to Flash Seats for making excellent seats available for average fans.   They were picked to go down on the court for a photo op, and saw Kevin Love score more points in the first quarter than the Browns have scored in the last month.  All in all, a perfect father-son night.

Most of all we are thankful for our family.  Our blended family of children, grandchildren, siblings and parents brings us more joy than any other aspect of our lives.  No other time is more precious than the time we spend with them.

Spend today making memories with those you love.  Don’t get stressed over little things, and let go of any past transgressions that might put a damper on the spirit of Thanksgiving Day.  Soak in the warmth of the day and be aware of what you are thankful for.  Most of all, give thanks to God for all He provides.

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