Super Bowl Sunday

Some people say Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday with businesses closed the following day.  Millions of football fans will be up late tonight watching the game and celebrating their team’s win or mourning their team’s loss.  

Pre-game shows have been going on since at least 9:00 a.m. eastern time and the celebration has been going on for the past week.  This is a big deal!  Even folks who aren’t really into football can have a fun time attending Super Bowl parties and watching the commercials.

Once the game begins, the biggest problem is when to make a bathroom run!  It is a dilemma since nobody wants to miss the game, the commercials or the half-time entertainment.

Super Bowl parties have the ultimate tailgating food and lots of it.  Every year, we have the traditional menu of pizza and wings, chips and dip, and a plethora of snacks.  This year is the first year we aren’t having family or friends over to watch the game, which will make it a little different for us.  We still plan to have good eats and a great time!

We are hoping for a competitive and fun game tonight that comes down to the final minute.  Many people are looking forward to Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem.  Excitement is also building about Lady Gaga’s half-time performance, which will probably be at least slightly controversial.  My Florida cousin, Dawn, thinks today will be like rush-hour at a urologist – checking lots of balls.  Especially Brady’s, I’m sure.

Good luck to the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.   This game promises to be a super duper Super Bowl!


(Special thanks to Dawn Bertler – we appreciate your awesome sense of humor!)

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