Super Bowl LI Week

After a short, mid-winter hiatus we are back!  Don spent the last week and a half researching for the blog- coming up with new, fun and exciting ideas to write about, and I took a long weekend with my oldest daughter to visit our Arkansas family.  Super Bowl Week is a perfect time to start back up again, and we are pumped about all of the hoopla surrounding Sunday’s Championship Game.

This game promises to be one to remember, with the NFL’s best offense going up against the best defense.  Atlanta has the number one offense averaging over 34 points a game.  New England’s awesome defense allows opponents only a little over 15 points per game.  Something will have to give!  Will Tom Brady be able to win another Super Bowl and secure his legacy as one of the best Quarterbacks ever?  Or will Matt Ryan win his first Super Bowl and lead his team to a victory?

The Super Bowl is a familiar scene for the Patriots with this being their ninth trip to the Championship Game.  They have won the Super Bowl four times, while Atlanta has only made it once before and lost to the Denver Broncos.

Houston has been rocking all week with Super Bowl excitement.  NFL fans from all over the world are gathered in one city to celebrate the final game of the season.  Super Bowl Sunday has grown to full-blown Super Bowl Week with parties and events to accommodate fans of all ages.  We are planning our own Super Bowl party and will write more about that later this week!


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