Sunday Fun Day – Go Cardinals!

This is one of the best Sundays in the season for Browns fans.  Sometimes being a Cleveland fan is a lot of fun, but on most Sundays it is Frustrating!  This week Cleveland got their loss out of the way on Thursday Night Football, so all their fans can relax and have an enjoyable football Sunday.  We have already moved on to next week (against the Steelers!) and have all but forgotten the loss to the Ravens.  Week Ten had only two “gimme” games – Baltimore over Cleveland, and Arizona over San Francisco.  The nine remaining players in the Office Survivor Pool predictably split their picks between Baltimore and Arizona 5-4.  Choosing Baltimore was an excellent move and one that I wish I had taken.  The combination of our household eternal Browns fan (Don) saying this might be the week they would finally win and a couple of the experts agreeing with him, put enough doubt in my mind that I didn’t want to touch that game.  Arizona seems to be a 100% sure pick, but that remains to be seen.

All of the remaining games seem to be fairly evenly matched with point-spreads of only two or three points.  This is a great day to watch Red Zone (  There is a lot of action to keep an eye on, and Red Zone makes sure we get to see it all!  One of the benefits of playing Fantasy Football is having an interest in most or all of the games being played.  Red Zone helps the Fantasy owner keep up with who is scoring and how – perfect TV for Fantasy Football!

We are following our players, hoping for a big Arizona win, and enjoying a Sunday without the doom and gloom of a Browns loss.  It is a beautiful sunny day in Northeastern Ohio.  Winter is knocking at our door, but we still have a week or two left to enjoy this better-than-ever fall.

It is a perfect day for Fantasy Football, raking leaves, or playing with a grand-puppy!



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