Stepping Up

Last week when Aaron Rodgers took a season ending hit, Brett Hundley had to unexpectedly step up to the Green Bay Packers number one Quarterback position. Today Hundley will make his first NFL start at home against the New Orleans Saints. How well he will perform going up against Drew Brees remains to be seen, but his team and coaches have confidence in his abilities.

Hundley was a 2015 fifth-round pick for the Packers who has been training under Rodgers for three years. He scored a touchdown in last week’s game and was 18 of 33 with 157 yards, but had three interceptions. The Packers have high hopes for their backup Quarterback, and we think he will live up to their expectations.

The Packers have a solid Quarterback program. Brett Favre started every game from 1993 – 2007. Since Aaron Rodgers took over the position in 2008, he has started almost every game and has been the only starter in over 1400 days. This is a strong contrast to the Cleveland Browns who have had 28 Quarterbacks since 1999!

Brett Hundley has had an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL. It might be a lesson in patience also, since he has had to play second string ever since he was drafted. Aaron Rodgers was in the same position, having played three seasons under Brett Favre. By the time Rodgers took over in 2008, he was well schooled in how to be an outstanding Quarterback.

We can learn a lot from Rodgers and Hundley. They were both drafted to a leading role, yet had to wait their turn to step up. Instead of being discontent, they used that time to develop and grow. As we are moving along in our careers, there are times when we might have to watch someone else do the job that we want. We might even feel we are the better person for the job! Instead of giving up or becoming miserable, it is important to learn everything we can about the position. Like Hundley learned last week, there is no telling when we might have to be ready to take over.

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