Saturdays are Made for College Football

Saturday afternoon we watched one of the best college football games ever! No. 6 The Ohio State University took on No. 2 Penn State at the Horseshoe Arena in Columbus, Ohio. We rarely get to watch college football since Don works most Saturdays.  We were super excited to watch the OSU-Penn State game and decided to go all out and watch at Buffalo Wild Wings instead of staying home. 

The game didn’t start out too well for OSU with Penn State Star Saquon Barkley returning the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. Buckeyes fans aren’t used to that, and Barkley’s crazy return quickly took the wind out of our sails. Three minutes later, Penn State scored another touchdown, making it a 14-0 game early in the first quarter. We had a delicious spread of burgers, chicken and fries to keep us occupied while the Buckeyes were struggling.

Every time Ohio State would do something good, Penn State would answer right back. There were no lucky breaks for OSU, and even a couple controversial calls against them. At one point, the announcers were going crazy over an interception that was reversed and given to Penn State as a touchdown! We watched the play on the big screens at Buffalo Wild Wings over and over and over, and still couldn’t see what the official saw. It definitely appeared to be an interception.

By the time halftime rolled around we were ready to finish watching the game at home. We figured if Ohio State was going to lose we could at least be comfy on the couch with the dogs.

Going into the 4th quarter, OSU was down 35-20. (At this point, Don said,”This game is over.”)  Then the Buckeyes’ magic began. In the 4th Quarter, J.T. Barrett was 13-13 for 170 yards, throwing three touchdown passes.  All in the 4th Quarter. The only lead that Ohio State held was at the end when it really counted, winning the game 39-38!

As much as we enjoy watching college football, we wish Division I-A would follow the lead of Division I-AA and revamp their playoffs. The I-A Division has already shown improvement by going to a four-team playoff, but narrowing the field down to four teams is almost impossible, and not fair to many teams. We may have seen two of this year’s best college teams play this weekend, and chances are only one of them will make it to the Division playoffs. In a 16-team format, both of these teams would make the playoffs and could potentially meet again.


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