Saturday Spitballin’ with Andy: Holiday Shenanigans

It’s been a while since I’ve been spitballin’, mostly because of the title. My girlfriend, Marissa, recently embraced the Christmas spirit and guided me through a ridiculously extensive Christmas Countdown Present Extravaganza. Why yes of course I’ll explain, I’m glad you asked.

Every day, beginning December 1, Marissa gave me a gift specifically designed for me, usually designed for that day. Gifts ranged from Cubs gloves and a Cubs scarf to Saints coasters and playing cards (hey that kind of rhymed…eh not really). I also received a Super Nintendo with games, Waffle Crisp cereal, and a guitar holder. But, the best gift of them all were two homemade wood cases/stands for my miniature baseball bat collection. I collect miniature baseball bats and snag one from each stadium I go to (because my bucket list is attend a game in all 30 stadiums. Only 9 to go!). I already arranged the ones I have by division and in alphabetical order. She also made a specific plaque to hold up just one bat, which displays the one and only Cubs World Series mini bat with signatures of the key players. This is probably the best gift I have received in my entire life, and I can’t wait to completely fill that sucker up. So my Christmas season basically has consisted of playing Super Nintendo, eating too much candy, and avoiding all responsibility. This has been the most gift-heavy and spirited Christmas ever, and it’s not even over.

We always share Christmas with my mom’s side of the family on a weekend after the actual day of Christmas. This year, it’s next Saturday at my Uncle’s lake house in Michigan. When this family comes together, games often are banned. We are no longer allowed to play Catchphrase as a family, per the kids’ rules (we’ll always be the kids). Tempers flare and the family divides; it becomes the 21st century Civil War, only without the muskets. Too bad though, that would be a twist. Anyway, it’s always interesting to see what happens with the accoutrements of personalities in this crazy family. Nonetheless, the shenanigans are far from over!


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