Pros vs Joes

We are excited to announce that we are in Bob Lung’s Pros vs Joes Fantasy Football league! Bob graciously invited me to join his league when we were desperately trying to get through to Real Talk Raph, host of Roto Baller Radio on Sirius XM Fantasy. Raph was throwing out questions and the first person to call the show with the right answer was given a spot in his league. We knew the answer to every question but couldn’t get through on the phone lines despite many attempts. 

I love to communicate on Twitter and was doing a great job of whining about my telecommunication issues, when Bob Lung…Bob Lung!…said I could be in his league! For those of you who don’t know Bob Lung, he is the Consistency Expert in Fantasy Football. In fact, his magazine “The 2017 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide” was recently awarded the best Fantasy Football magazine of 2017! Bob’s website is second to none – you can check it out at

Tomorrow evening we will be drafting for the 2017 Big Guy Bowl as A Fantasy FB Couple! The league is a 12-team league that starts one Quarterback, two Running Backs, three Receivers, one Tight End and two Flex players. There are no kickers or defense in this league which takes some luck out of the equation and requires a bit more skill.

We have the sixth pick in the draft which puts us in a great position to get one of the top Running Backs or Receivers. Not giving away our strategy yet, but we are expecting to finish at the top of this league! The draft will be broadcast live and recorded on Bob Lung’s podcast which can be found on his website.

We are looking forward to competing as a team in this league. Last year we were on opposing teams in different divisions of the Pro Football Hall of Fame league, and could have gone head-to-head. Even though we never played against each other, we were very competitive and I will remind everyone that I outscored Don by 0.6 points at the end of the season!


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