Proclivity & Propensity

Writers have a propensity to love words!  Big words, little words, and, most of all, super cool words.  I am blessed to work with someone who has a fantastic vocabulary.  I’ve shared words like “smooshed” with him, and he has taught me words like “proclivity” and “propensity”.  I have a tendency to get very excited about ordinary things, so imagine what Don had to endure when I learned about proclivity and propensity.  It didn’t take him long to get in the game, though, and he quickly told me that I have a proclivity to be annoying.  Imagine that!

These two words made me think about people and teams, and the natural tendencies to behave in certain ways.  Some teams seem to have a natural tendency to win.  The New England Patriots come to mind.  The Patriots have a winning mindset, an inclination to believe they will come out on top, a predisposition to keep on winning even when they have to come from behind.

Some of these tendencies are part of who a person is, and some can be practiced and learned.  Coaches have the opportunity to mold players to have certain behaviors.  Players can be guided to make the right choices in nutrition, training, and lifestyle.  These choices can optimize the potential in the players and the team.  Team leaders can influence players in a way that has a positive effect on the entire team.

I would like to see what would happen to a team like the Cleveland Browns if they had the same positive environment that winning teams have.  The Browns players are as talented as any in the NFL, however the team has a proclivity to lose.  The other Cleveland teams have proven that the losing attitude can be reversed.  We hope the Browns pick up on the good vibes that have been created by the Indians and LeBron’s Cavs.

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